During the second week of Lent we will practice being mindful of silence. To begin, settle into a comfortable position as in week one, close your eyes, and focus on your breath – deepening each breath as you inhale. Remain attentive to your breath as we draw deeper into silence. Silence as spiritual practice is taught by many faiths; this week we will focus on silence in prayer.

Frequently we feel we must have an eloquent prayer prepared in order to pray, that we are poising ourselves to petition or engage God in conversation. Yet this is not the case as we are simply joining a conversation begun at the dawn of time. We read of this conversation begun between God and humanity in the stories of creation, when God and humanity walked together in the first garden. It is here that the seed of desire to share our heart first took root. However, in order to share our heart we need not craft words, frequently our words become exactly what distracts us from prayer and draws us back into the self – our own mind and ego.

This week as we sit silently we practice putting our intentions into the world through the utterance of our hearts – the expression of our deepest desires. All we need do is silently name our mission in prayer, and we are responding to the concern for the mission and people God has given us. In silence we are better able to hear the still small voice within us of the Divine. Then in our prayer we are echoing what we’ve already heard from God.